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Thread: Does anyone else have problems with their Nintendo DS touchscreen? Mine works,

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    Does anyone else have problems with their Nintendo DS touchscreen? Mine works,

    but sometimes isn't accurate. It's sometimes a couple of millimetres out, which is a total arse when you're trying to bust out some Meteos or Polarium and that 2mm sends you to puzzle doom. Anyone else get this? And how to remedy that situ?

    Oh and PLEASE don't say recalibrate it, because I do that and it's still gay.

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    i have truble with mine as well

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    Just recalibrate it once a week or more and you won't have any trouble with it.

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    Try recalibrating the screen and it should work.

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    you have to re-callibrate it on the options screen

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    Mine does when I do Brain Training and write a '6' and it thinks I've written a '7' It annoys me too but I have no idea how to make it right..sorry

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    well it depends your screen might have a slight dent you cant see or feel and it will make long lines in diffrent places

    but ya try calibrating it because it works if you do it every week or so but ya calibrate every one is saying the same thing and that annoys me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so ya.....................................

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    My daughter has the same problem re calibrating didnt help & now the the whole screen froze this morning. Its only 6 mths old, sorry I now that doesnt help u solve problem!

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    Are you left handed? This can sometimes affect the usability of a touchscreen, I've discovered. You sometimes notice pointers on touchscreens are located slightly to the left of the place you actually touch (this is handy for righties - so the tip of the stylus doesn't cover what you're touching), which poses trouble when you're writing with the stylus leaning leftwards.

    If you're not left handed and calibrating the screen doesn't help, it may be one of three things:

    A. Your DS is busted. If it never works right no matter what game or stylus you're using, this may be the case. Get a refund/replacement on your DS.

    B. Your stylus may be slightly warped causing you to think you're touching with one part of it, when you're actually touching it with another. This would be weird and unlikely! Get a new stylus

    C. The game you're playing is badly coded. This is nobody's fault, really, and can't be fixed.


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