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Thread: Which do you think is better, the PSP or the Nintendo DS?

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    Which do you think is better, the PSP or the Nintendo DS?

    I own both a PSP and a Nintendo DS. At first I thought the PSP would be better thant the DS. The PSP has a great capability of playing movies and music with a pretty big screen for a portable console. But when I got a DS, I found that the games on it are a bit childish, but definitely fun. I also discovered a special way that you could play movies and music on it. And because the DS is smaller than the PSP and costs less than it, I'd say that the DS is better than the PSP.

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    I have had both and i thought the PSP was much better than the DS. It has more capabilities and better graphics in the games. Also i thought the games for the PSP were more fun and weren't as childish as the DS games.

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    Well I personally think neither are better. I like the DS's touch screen and all, but I also like the PSP's Internet access ans such!

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    the psp is better cause it is like an ipod u can listen to music go in internet and psp has alot of good games. my most favorite game for psp is smackdown vs. raw. i like that game very much. and that game is not available for ds cause in that sytem there is only babiest games which are not that fun.

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    Definaitly the PsP. Especailly if you have a Ps3 and you play the games on your tv.

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    In my opinion, they are both great systems. the psp has the great ability to play music and movies as well as games, but there arent many good games out there. On the other hand, the ds has a whole library full of great games. Its graphics arent top notch, but the gameplay with the touch screen easily make up for that. Also, the ds lite is much more durable than the psp. the psp's screen can scratch easily. aslo, my friends psp shut down for 3 weeks when he dropped it on cement. Overall, the psp is a little better, but you'll get the better deal if you go for the ds.


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