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Thread: Whats the difference between scrubbed and non-scrubbed games?

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    Whats the difference between scrubbed and non-scrubbed games?

    Just wondering...

    sometimes size reduces from 4.7GB to 500MB and works fine!

    Are cutscenes taken out or something? Why are they so small?

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    Although you could have found this by using the search function, I will answer this for you.

    Non scrubbed games are a 1 to 1 copy ............. basically 4.7Gb for a single DVD ( I forget the exact number)

    Scrubbed games......... If the coding required for the complete game is less than 4.7GB a filler is used ( for example it could be 0's or could be 1's) to make the game = 4.7Gb to enable easier pressing to DVD ( commercial games / DVD's are pressed, not burned and rather than altering the machinery it is easier for the game to be "stretched" to fit the settings on the press)
    The art of "scrubbing" is to remove this filler and just "UP" the game files.......... when you extract the rarfile it magically becomes 4.7Gb again for you to "burn" as a DVD

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    i remember answering this just 2 days ago =\


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