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Thread: help -cant read new backups?

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    help -cant read new backups?


    At one week ago I have installed Backup Launcher Gamma , WAD Manager v1.3 and Custom IOS36 rev 07. I burn 15 DVD-R using Imgburn software, and all the games work perfect in the Wii. In the last 3 days when I burn 6 more, they don't work. The Wii simple cant read the last 6 DVD-R. I use the same DVD-R's and the same burning software (Imgburn). The strange thing is that first 15 burned DVD's still work perfect .

    My Wii have 3.3E Firmware.

    Could you please help me. Thank you.

    Best regards.

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    They might be fakesigned games etc which 3.3-3.4 block,

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    don't work how

    you say they don't work but we need more info...what exactly happens...and what games?? all new stuff or some are some aren' how is your wii hacked? modchip or softmod

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    my money is on Fake signed, or just not working =\


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