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Thread: I want to buy a new gaming console, either an xbox 360, a ps3, or a wii

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    I want to buy a new gaming console, either an xbox 360, a ps3, or a wii

    what should i get? Give me a reason wuy i should buy the console your telling me to buy.

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    Get a WII- as well as having all the fun you'll get exercise without really noticing. They're also way way way the best at partiies...

    Don't even bother with xbox 360, they aren't fun anymore.

    PS3s are wicked tho but WII just takes the biscuit


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    wii because your actually IN the game.

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    No point buying a Ps3 because the only perk i can see with it is GTA, but xbox360 now have the rights as well as Sony so Xbox360 i say.

    And you will get bored of the wii very quickly, bad selection of games, and moving your hand about isn't all what its cracked up to be lol

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    i would buy the PS 3 as this has the better graphics & has been thought about more than the xbox 360 & the nintendo wii is very hard to get hold of, another thing is that the ps 3 also plays HD games which are great on a HD tv the other 2 games consloes dont have HD facility

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    PS3 is too expensive for what you get.

    XBOX 360 is ok (I have this) just don't use it for a DVD player, just games.

    Wii looks like a lot of fun, but haven't played it yet. Seems like it is more aimed at smaller kids.

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    you should get a free wii from this site instead of buying retail

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    xbox 360 :

    very good or the best selection for game's

    the best online game play you can get

    brilliant graphic's just the same as the ps3's really there's no difference.

    download TV shows movie's demo game's

    ps3: not worth the money to exspensive people carnt afford everything why put price up blue ray disk but even they cost alot more than the normail disk's did have good exclusive's but now there are on the 360 same graphic's as the 360 even on hd tv there just the same .bluetooth

    wii kay do not for this its maybe fun with remote but game's are really rubbish there's hardly any descent games out for it except wii sports if you want a console for to have class games like gta gears of war devil may cry u wont get it on the wii . it online but not really good OH YEAH IT CARNT PLAY CD'S OR DVD'S !!

    My conclusion if you want a console for gaming a good price with all the latest good game's you can get than you want the 360 its the right price and like it say above does all that stuff and more plus iT has msn


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