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Thread: Help with Running backup loader

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    Help with Running backup loader

    I have version 3.4 wii and when i use backup loader it says read error 324. I use imgburn and staples dvd-r. I succesfuly installed the twilight hack for 3.4 and homebrew channel and the backup loader, but it wont load the burnt game. when I extract the game with winrar it shows another rar file, but you cant unzip it because it says its not valid, but imgburn list it as a iso file and burns it ok. I really aggravated and im thinking of downgrading to 3.2, but dont want to if I dont have to. Ive thought about maybe different dvd's so I may go to walmart after work and get some. what do you all suggest. Or should I just send it somewhere to have a mod chip done. Seems alot easier that way.

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    324 can be just about anything, but the 3.2 firmware is highly suggested.

    You'll be able to install .WAD files which might get everything fixed.

    Follow the downgrade tutorial linked in my signature.

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    im thinking of just going a mod chip. Isnt that the better way to go.

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    Yeah its better, but softmodding is free. Might as well do that first and if you aren't happy... then pay for the modchip.

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    hello i too have the same problem too i downgraded from 3.4 to 3.2 installed homebrew fine and wads on 3.2 but my dvdx wont install and my back ups wont play ???? i have tried a couple different way maybe doing it wrong?? i was thinking chip too because i am just about feed up but i keep telling myself that its something simple ?? ca someone please help me i dont want to have to get someone to chip it but it looks like thats what i might have to do, u see 10 year olds on you tube doing it and that makes it that much worse lol PLEASE HELP :-(

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    Install gamma 0.3 if you want to play backups,i think its the better of the few loaders there is.
    Go here and follow the steps for installing gamma

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    pitman you may wont to change disc's is an option because when i modded mine a month ago with same hack i was getting that error and i switched to verbatim's and then worked the first burn...not saying it will for sure work for you but its a try if your using different dvd's also did u only try one image file or have you try downloading different ones and tried......also did you use the ISOpatcher and update remover before burning?


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