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Thread: Boom Blox to topple again on Wii

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    Boom Blox to topple again on Wii

    Boom Blox presents an interesting challenge for Electronic Arts. On the one hand, the Wii puzzler touts the backing of legendary film director Steven Spielberg, who collaborated with EALA on the game's family-friendly, physics-oriented design. On the other hand, Spielberg's star power failed to attract crowds to the decently reviewed title, at least not in the way they would have were his name attached to a feature film.

    Be that as it may, EA isn't willing to give up on the franchise just yet. Following online reports from November pointing to a new game in the series, EA Casual today announced that its Spielberg collaboration would continue with Boom Blox Bash Party. The game is expected to arrive for the Wii this spring in North America and Europe.

    The first title is terrific. It's in my top 3 Wii titles to-date.

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    Yes, I'd agree, its one of my most played wii games too ..



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    Just as Wii Music is being used at some schools in music classes, I think Boom Blox has the potential to be used in science classes when explaining collisions in classical mechanics. The physics part of the game is very well modelled, but not that much explained in the tutorial.

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    Are you kidding me? Smashing blocks that someone else set up. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner. Steven Spielberg = genius.

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    It was though of sooner, almost 6 months ago. Please do not dig up old threads.
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    I think its alright but you should not get over excited its an average game and Steven Spielberg???? that's kinda dodgy there isn't he a director not a game designer and the character thing it sucks sure you pick one but you do not actually be him (or her).
    There is only 2 good things about it
    1: Virtual jenga (FUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    2: And throwing the ball at the peoplz in the background lolz that's fun

    Lolz have fun with it

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    First one was a cracker! Nothin better than pickin up the tiger and slinging him at a mountain of blocks. Timeless!


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