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Thread: Nintendo earnings soar, Wii nears 45 million

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    Nintendo earnings soar, Wii nears 45 million

    Right now, somewhere in Kyoto, Japan, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is smiling. Four years after skeptics questioned the Wii's viability, the console is soaring above even the wildest expectations.

    "How you like me now""

    This morning, the company that spent the last hardware generation bringing up the rear with the GameCube reported that its current console had sold 44.96 million units worldwide as of December 31--a 10 million unit increase from just two months prior. Of those 10 million, more than 4 million were sold in the US, with the NPD Group reporting 2.04 million in November and 2.15 million in December.

    The Wii's older but smaller sibling is also faring well. The DS--itself the subject of widespread derision when it went on sale in November 2004--sold 96.22 million units as of the end of last year, pulling further ahead of its predecessor, the Game Boy Advance. The monumental figure comprises all models of the handheld, including 1.66 million units of the DSi, the camera-enabled third hardware revision currently available in Japan.

    With today's economic market, the $250 price tag really has to play into all of this. Unreal sales numbers.

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    Money, Money, Money, Lots A Money, So Nintendo all good at the moment then, sticking the fun back into gaming, has really been the master stroke, Although technically no where near the raw power of the PS3 or XBox it proves that as long as they keep coming through with fun software titles people are happy, in my case it is interesting that the women and younger kids in the house actually all favour the Ninteno Wii or the NDS,
    Blokes like the power gaming, women like the fun.
    However I have been impressed with the new take on Football In the 8v8 game on the FIFA 09 All Play for Wii, simply great fun, very playable, and extremely addictive. (Without all the bull)
    Proves That sometimes all the extra bells and whistles are actually not really needed, to enjoy a game.
    I only wish that Nintendo had beefed up the graphics hardware for the game developers to take solo hardcore gamers seriously, I feel SONY & Microsoft could have really had egg on their faces and their pride kicked, people would simply have bought the Wii as the best all rounder.


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