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Thread: Wiikey runs Perfect, Wii shop doesnt

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    Wiikey runs Perfect, Wii shop doesnt

    i chipped my wi with the wiikey and everythink is fine i can play games online etc but cannot get on the shop channel all else works.

    i just keeps saying connecting

    any ideas


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    Yea I had that problem too for about a week and a half. it just went really slow.

    Check to stop any D/Ling of torrents or anything. Restart your router and modem, re run through the wireless setup. (make sure you have wireless) then hope and pray that in a week it will clear up, it did for me and now its super fast. I dont know why it did that though. Im glad to know someone else had that problem too.

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    It does that becaues you did not deactivated WiiConnect24 BEFORE chipping your wii...

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    I have a wii key too and I've had no issues online, all my backups run nicely too. Haven't come across any issues with it. The wii key has been a good money saver for me

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    I could care less about the wii shop online LOL, who needs vc games when you have emulator dvds, Seriously, I have 2 burned discs with 5000 console games between them, take that wii points!


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