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Thread: Keep It Simple and upto date

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    Keep It Simple and upto date

    Hello Everyone,
    Firstly I feel you guys do a great service but will never satisfy the noobs, until some sought of ordered structure is put in place with respect to what people need if they are running x firmware or what they need if their running y Firmware, why not have a European only forum section and a US only forum section, Is their not a risk that well meaning US users could give misleading or incorrect files to a European user.

    My Goal is(want the definitive minimal WAD/APS etc. file set required for 3.4E installation and downgrade) with a BRICKPROOF guide, in order to play backups.
    Have been attempting to put my own files together in order to achieve this, but just lately I am at the point of giving it up as a bad job and not bothering.

    Just Enough WADS & APS to achieve the goal above only. no extras, that increase the risk of bricking the Wii.
    A mate of mine has installed a file set but is still patching his games, so I dont want to go down that road, as this is no longer necessary.

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    wads out of region just dont work
    IOS's are not region based
    no program is Region based
    updates are on discs so not our problem

    people constantly post in the rec FAQ section, or not in the problem forum... so other region forums, is just more data, that doesnt matter

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    I'm a noob too, but i have no problem hacking my stuff, because I check and double check that what ever I'm doing is the right thing, and not something that will do damage to my stuff. All the info is on the forums, and it is repeated over and over in different posts, you just have to find the right post that you can understand. Happy hunting.

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