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Thread: Nintendo Wii??

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    Nintendo Wii??

    Just baught a Wii yesterday. Really enjoy playin the Wii sports game that came with it. Anyone recommend any similar games?

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    Wii Play is also good. It comes in 9 games. For more information, you can check them out in

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    There are some really good ones:

    Wii Play: It has Shooting Range, Find Mii, Ping POng, Pop the bubble, Pool, fishing, cow racing, and mini tanks.
    WarioWare: Smooth Moves: It has a bunch of random games that you need to play to finish each level. IT IS REALLY FUN!
    If you need anymore that aren't similar, just ask another q
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    Rayman: Raving Rabids and Wario Smooth Moves are two games I would recommend. They are basically a collection of mini games you complete using the wiimote and the nunchuck, such as guiding things around the screen, shooting things with the wiimote and so on. If I had to choose one of the two it would be Rayman, as it feels more immersive than Wario.

    If your looking for a good adventure game to play on the Wii, buy Zelda. It will take you ages to complete and you feel as if you are really there!

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    Wii play is great - minigames such as table tennis, cow racing, fishing and you get a free wiimote.

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    I would suggest Rayman if you like mini-game. Though if you're looking for longer games with a storyline, get Twilight Princess


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