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Thread: Downloaded a Wii Game, need to update my Wii???

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    Question Downloaded a Wii Game, need to update my Wii???

    hey guys,
    I just finished downloading "mario kart USA" (4.37 gb). I live in Canada and I bought my wii about an year ago in Canada. Last week I got the wasabi zero genuine solderless mod installed on my wii.
    Now the thing is that with this game I downloaded, there was a "readme" file which said "You must do the system update for this to work on the Wii". I have no idea what to do about this.. how do I update my wii? is it safe? is it safe for my chip? I don't know much about wii's hardware and updates. please help..
    thank yoU!

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    -.- if it was unsafe then you would know

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    What it means by 'update' is that the game itself contains an update for the Wii. Now it would be unsafe to install an update from another country. But I am not sure if Canada is NTSC (USA).

    What version of the Wii do you have currently?

    3.2E is the best version to get, 3.3-3.4 can cause troubles.

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    Where can I find out my wii version? thanks!

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    sigh since this person obviously cant do anything for themself, or accept a coment

    Mario Kart has 3.1, AND A REQUIRED UPDATE

    reguardless of firmware you need that update

    what your current firmware is isnt gonna change the fact you need it, and it wont change anything that is asked in this topic

    so please dont mention missleading things =\

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    sorry, double post.
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    ^^ Thanks, that made everything much clearer.
    Also, one last question.. I have already ran my "mario kart USA" (4.37 gb) file through wii brickblocker. does that change anything?
    Also if I do a firmware update through wifi through nintendo, will everything work like it did before.. like my previous smash bros burned game will still work fine? because i read somewhere about downgrading the firmware to get some things to work..
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    no fake signed games dont work

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    can you please elaborate a little? what's the solution?


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