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Thread: Any opinions on Nintendo Wii's?

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    Any opinions on Nintendo Wii's?

    I was thinking about buying a Nintendo Wii. I'm not a gamer but my nephew (6 years old) love games. I was wanted to buy something that he could enjoy over the summer. Does anyone have any opinions on them.

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    The Wii is my favorite game system, similar to virtual reality. One step closer for mankind

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    it's a lot of fun, especially for kids... have fun with your nephew!

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    Wii's are the best game system around. If you get one for him, he won't be sitting on a couch all day, he will be moving around. I have one and the Boxing game is really an intense game. Anyway, its also the most intuitive system (and the most fun).

    Wii is awesome!!!!!

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    I personally dont like them.. but thats only because my little 6 yr old brother plays it nonstop and is always asking me to play.. there fun games enjoyable for anyone to play.. Hope that helps..

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    if you're thinking of buying a wii you should out this site first. they give you a nintendo wii for FREE! all you need to do is complete a few quick tasks for them.

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    The Nintendo Wii is really fun! We have one, and everyone can have some fun w/ it. None of us are gamers(besides my brother) but we all enjoy it, from my 5 yr. old cousin to my 76 yr. old granfather. My little sister and cousin especially enjoy it and they are 10 yrs. old. I think that your nephew will really like it. there is this really fun racing game(Exite Truck) that I think he would really like it.


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