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    Question Error 324

    Hi ppl, i have a 3.2E wii with Custom IOS36 rev07 and wiigators backup launcher 0.3g
    I have been playing backups very well since almost 2 monts, but this week it started to give me ERROR 324. I have copied on a new media, always the same error. I'm using Verbatim dvd-r and sony dvd-r.
    I didn't do any update. Now i can only play original games. Do anyone knows whats happening? i have searched in web and no answers...

    King Regards,

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    install Cios 249

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    again? i have it already installed.. it was all working pretty good. from a moment to another it justs showed ERROR 324.

    I have deleted ios249 with anytitle and install it with cios36rev7 from waninkoko.
    It's that what you mean?
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