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Thread: need help!!

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    Talking need help!!

    helo there ppl

    i was hoping someone could help me i have downloaded and burned 3 wii games recently (monopoly PAL, cooking mama NTSC and cabelas dangerous hunts 2009) all burned fine and none worked i am using a mod chp(not sure wich one i just asked the guy in the shop to mod the thing) i solved the problem with the first two by using gamma 3(even though i have a chip installed) its just dangerous hunts 2009 i cant get the damn thing to boot at all i get a message cannot read disk i am kinda new to the wii mod scene and have downloaded plenty of games and have managed to sort any problems with a google search any suggestions would be apreciated sorry for the long winded post

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    Here are some of hte usual responses. check your media, the Wii likess -r's better it seems. Try to burn it at at differnet speed. You can try to patch the image before you burn it. I have had some games that would work only when patched and other won't work when patched. You can make sure you mod chip has the latest update installed. This might be tricky as you don't know what chip you have.
    Good Luck
    Also check for the latest cios to be installed.

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