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Thread: Does anyone know a good place to buy a nintendo ds lite from?

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    Does anyone know a good place to buy a nintendo ds lite from?

    One that is not really expensive and is not a rip off that is cheap and dosn't work.

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    maybe argos or ebay?

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    look on it shows the cheapest places and how much it is

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    gamestop toysrus bestbuy anywhere u just go to the wesites of the stores and compare prices.

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    try its a bit cheaper than normal and it's free delivery!

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    eBay, theres probably plenty of cheaper, used ones that are in good condition up for auction. Just make sure you ask whatever auction you're looking at that the seller has a good rating.

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    circuit city

    best buy



    games stop

    if you want to buy it on line get it at:




    biz rate

    price grabber

    everything depends on if you want a low price or a quality Nintendo that will last along time

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    Argos is good

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    i got my kids one each from you get a loyalty card ,which when you spend a certain amount you get points,which are redeemed against your next purchase or you can keep saving them,i think its a 1000 points =5.00 here check em out

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    ebay, not everything on there is second hand you know; shops sell on there, new things!

    thats where i got mine from!

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