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Thread: wii controllers

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    wii controllers

    Hey guys
    Today i tried to play In my WII
    i did notice that the controllers reacte not how its supposed too
    like if i move left it goes right ect....
    or if go to chanelle its moves faster somewhere eles
    and also the Aim from time to time disappear

    What i did ?

    i did change the Battery to new one,

    But the issue seem still there

    Could you guys pls give few suggestions to help me out

    thank you

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    -.- you like making topics

    resync it

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    i dont like make topic
    you mean reconnect it ?
    i did it but still doing the same issue

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    make sure its out of light, and clean the sensor/top of the mote

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    thank you
    going to give it a try

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    Also make sure the sensor bar has not been rearranged by someone cleaning the TV...........blooming women........ never put stuff back where it was !!


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