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Thread: Differences between 3.3U and 3.4U, in new Wii system

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    Question Differences between 3.3U and 3.4U, in new Wii system

    I've just bought a Wii. The system menu version says I'm in 3.3U, I have not installed a new firmware but activated the WiiConnect. How do I know the wii hasn't updated to 3.4 without me knowing... I've read somewhere that the system menu still says 3.3 when upgraded to 3.4.

    Is it a feature avaible in 3.4 and not in 3.3 to identify which menu do I have?

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    i believe system menu has version i n right upper corner

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    Mine says 3.3U, but I read somewhere (and hasn't confirmed otherwise) that even when in 3.4U system menu says 3.3U in that right upper corner

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    it will say 3.4 when its 3.4 but search theres a actual topic about the differences =\

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    mine said 3.4 u then downgraded to 3.2 e wii discloader doesnt work and everybody votes also but gator takes care of games now


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