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Thread: Upgrading 3.1J -> 3.2J using cIOS

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    Unhappy Upgrading 3.1J -> 3.2J using cIOS

    What happened was i recently downloaded World Tour and it wouldn't run so i hopped online and found good testamonies about wiigator and the like.

    I just used the Twilight Hack to install HomeBrew channel, and it came up with and update from hombrew channel beta to some version, i downloaded it and such.

    When i press the Home Button, its says i'm running on 1.0.1//IOS36 v4.18 (and the wii's ip is on the top left so im assuming i have internet connection.. it's in jap so setting up wifi was a pain )

    Anyway. in the upgrade/downgrade thread i downloaded the cIOS downgrader thing and it states in the file on the homebrew channel if i scroll down that i need AT LEAST IOS37 Rev 3.

    I also trolled around and found this Anyregion Changer file.

    Unfortuneately, with both these files, when i run from the Homebrew channel, the screen blinks, a see a quick flash of a bar, and my wii just resets.

    Does anyone have a fix for this, or know how to upgrade from IOS36 to IOS36 rev 3?

    And yes, my wii is old and i got it from Hong Kong, so it's still 3.1J

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    I'm not familiar with Jap Wii's but I would have thought Any Region Changer could be used to upgrade you to 3.2J


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