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Thread: Help Troubleshoot New WiiKey 2 install

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    Help Troubleshoot New WiiKey 2 install

    Purchased my new wiikey2 pre-soldered to clip. Installed clip and, booted wii, everything fine. Played original games well.

    Burned asterix iso on vebatim DVD -r @ 1x speed with IMGBURN.

    Inserted disk and got not recognized error.

    I burned an image of Wiikey config disk which booted fine.

    Tried asterix image again and still no go.

    My Wii is 3.4u from Animal Crossing.

    What steps should I take first to troubleshoot?

    Thanks friends, B the Newb

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    try a different speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    try a different speed
    Thanks, you mean burning the disk at a different speed I assume?

    Would it be to much to assume that if the wii booted the config ISO, that the Wiikey 2 is actually functioning correctly and is correctly installed?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Yes, it should be working fine.

    You need to burn at 4x. Then pop it in and enjoy!

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    Thanks gents, worked perfectly at 4x speed burn.

    Thanks, B


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