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Thread: What's your impression of the Nintendo Wii?

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    What's your impression of the Nintendo Wii?

    I'm not sure if I wanna get one or not. My friend just got one for his birthday, but I haven't played it. I know its pretty expensive, but I might be able to handle that. I just wanna know if its fun and what things to get with it (games, controllers, accesories, etc.).

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    it is the least expensive of all teh new systems

    i have one and it is definatl worth it

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    Get it, I have one and it is very worth it.

    It's a much better buy than other systems and all the new good games are coming out soon.

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    If you had to choose between the Wii and the PS3, You should definitly choose the Wii hands down.

    You really get to interact with the games, and it's a new way to play. You get a workout playing Wii sports as it gets addicting to try to become "Pro." There are also a variety of games out there for you to choose from for the Wii, and it is very cheap compared to everything else out there.

    I would say it is definitly worth it. It's great to have at parties to show off and to entertain. Also, if your a video game fan and you have friends who aren't, this is a console that they also can enjoy when they come over.

    I hope i've helped you with your decision.

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    The Wii is just a Gamecube with a motion sensor and different games. They're all "family friendly" games, so don't expect a Halo 3 killer to be on it.

    my opinion I would have to say no. The xbox 360 and PS3 have way more accessories (blu-ray, HD-DVD, online gameplay, 1080i graphics, etc), so pass on the Wii.

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    The Wii is the coolest system out there. You can actually feel like you are in the game. It is def. worth spending your money on.

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    The Wii is just a Gamecube with a motion sensor and different games. They're all "family friendly" games, so don't expect a Halo 3 killer to be on it.
    Zelda Twilight Princess has been regarded of one of the best games to hit any of the 3 next gen by many, and to be honest I have to agree. I pratically bought a Wii solely for this reason but soon grew to the love the console. As mentioned its the least expensive out of the 3 but I huess it can still be alot of money to some..


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    I'm 100% playstation always have been, but i HAD to get a Wii they are so amazing, and very funny for those drunken nights in with mates... or even if your not drunk! Very worth it.

    Stuff to do with your Wii...

    You get a few programs to download aswel, (if you have a WiFi connection in your house (or next door =P) such as, news channel, Opera IE, Weather Channel, Wii Shop*, E-mail system, A little voting game thing, and no doubt lots more in the future.

    * With Wii Shop you can download programs for your Wii (Above) and games from the Virtual Console, which is the Wii's very own Emulator for Nes, Snes, Mega Drive, N64 and another one I cant remember the name. It costs you points to download the games, stuff like N64 = 1000 points, Mega Drive= 800 points, Snes= 600, Nes=500 and so on.

    You can buy Wii points from your local game store or somthing they cost around 14 for 2000 points,

    You can pay using the Wii Shop aswel but you'll have to pay (alot) extra for convenience i suppose.

    The Wii is a great but it hasent really been put to its limits yet, its really hard to find a GOOD game... dont get me wrong theres a few games out and their all at a reasonable price and very worth it.

    The Controllers are amazing aswel, really nice to hold and good because they are wireless and you can play in bed or somthing, from about 5 meters away from ur TV, Controllers are very expensive; about 55 for both controllers (you have to buy them sepretly)

    ermmmm what else... accesories... none really apart from nice silicon stuff to put around ur Wii-Mote... or a fan or somthing for your Wii.

    Personally I dont recommend getting one, and if you DO get one... don't buy Zelda or Red Steel... because it will take over you and you will loose your social life... like i did lol (i'm joking)

    get one.

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    if you're thinking of buying a wii you should out this site first. they give you a nintendo wii for FREE! all you need to do is complete a few quick tasks for them.

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    It's okay. I got one last December and now I rarely play it. Once you play Wii Sports a couple of times it gets dull very fast. I say you should save your money and get a PS3 or Xbox 360.

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