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Thread: Nintendo DS WiFi?

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    Nintendo DS WiFi?

    I'm trying to use WiFi to play a game on the DS. However, my router isn't compatible. Is there another way to try and get WiFi? I use a TRENDnet router. Please help.

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    if your router isnt compatable, get one of those wifi plugs. i dont know much becuase my router works with it

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    it is,u only have to set the wfc settings when you begin the game or try a wifi connector.

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    Your DS should have came with a USB cable that enables your DS to use the Internet off your computer. I haven't tried it myself (because my Wifi works) but I think you hook up the DS to the computer, set some settings, and then you can use Wifi from the computer.

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    You probaly need a wireless router.Like they have at coffee shops.

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    get a wireless router


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    Go to then to Tech Support.



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