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Thread: Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360?

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    Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360?

    I can buy one or the other tomorrow... which would you buy and why?

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    wii-better games

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    Ok, the wii does have better games but I hate the controller for that thing. It's like you might break off the cord if you pull it too hard. So, if it were me, the XBox 360 would be my pick.

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    the only games i see myself playing on the wii is super smash bros brawl, Zelda:TP, wario smooth moves. on the 360...pretty much all there games. gears of war, halo3,crackdown,etc. and some really crazy games are coming out on the 360 this year.

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    360 hands Down

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    depends on you they both about the same but different controller styles, now if your fat get the Wii, not PS 3 all day

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    this site will give you a nintendo wii just for completing some quick online tasks! really recommend it, especially if you're broke but really want a wii (like me).

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    Personally I would buy the Xbox 360 due to the fact that it already has a pretty good library of games and Xbox Live is the best online service that is available right now. Online gameplay on the Wii is absurd, they did it all wrong.

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    ok I have both if you like manely graphics buy a Xbox 360 but if like something thats fun for the whole family then buy a Wii i recomend a Wii


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