Hi, quite a specific problem.

I'm running cfg_loader.
I have priiloader set to boot cfg_loader.
When I exit a Wii game, it exits to the cfg_loader as desired.
However, when I exit a Gamecube game, it's dropping to the Homebrew channel instead of the cfg_loader.
I'm using Nintendont to run the Gamecube games from within cfg_loader and I'm exiting the games using the Gamecube controller.

If I use USBloader_gx and nintendont, it exits back to USBloader_gx as desired so I think that its nintenont at fault. The only problem is that I cant change the version of nintendont I'm using as it coded into cfg_loader somehow.

Obviously not a big deal, I can power off the Wii and turn it back on to load cfg_loader but it would be nice to be able to srop into it automatically when I exit a game.