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Thread: best mario game for wii?

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    best mario game for wii?

    paper mario or mario party? either of them worth getting?

    k i got 40 miis all about tv....south park and family guy and everything i could think of !!hahhahahhhahah i Win!!!!

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    Super paper mario...

    Trust me, i have a Wii!

    I have 17 Miis...

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    paper mario is the best. i dont have the one for wii but i;ve played them for nintendo 64 and gamecube, theyre soo fun! mario party is ok, but it does get boring after a while cuz its just one giant board game. they are fun sometimes though. so yeah theyre worth getting.

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    Paper Mario, if you like adventure.

    Mario Party, if you like to have fun.

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    Mario party because it is a very fun game.

    It ivolves competitive challenges and has challenging individual games.

    Look mario party up and you will understand

    With the wii, it's even better because it is more interactive.

    The games are worth getting.

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    get both thats what im doing

    Super Paper Mario brings back 2D-Style gaming with aa twist u can use items and switch character BUT u can also switch dimension from 2D to 3D

    Mario Party gives you an awesome multiplayer experience

    P.S. To the person who 1st answered the question I have 34 MII's HAHAHAHAHA

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    if you just complete a few quick tasks on this site they'll send you a nintendo wii, completely free of charge!!


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