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Thread: auto update not working on hbc beta 9

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    auto update not working on hbc beta 9

    hi there,

    just finished installing hbc, downgraded from 3.4u to 3.2u, i have starfall installed, homebrew browser, 4 mplayers, everything works great.

    when i first opened hbc i got the update message but i DIDN'T upgrade because i had not finished installing everything else. i thought that update message would come back and it never has. the global network icon blinks for a while and then becomes solid, and i'm able to see my ip address when the home key is pressed. the other icon never becomes solid. i had network issues throughout my installation process.

    is there a way to force the update screen to appear again? does hbc only check for updates on a periodic basis? did i miss something during installation?

    should i run the twilight hack, or just replace the boot file?

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    if i recall its A + B

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    pretty sure i tried that, i'll try it again real quick...

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    heh, tried to update for 2 days straight, and today as soon as the globe icon was solid the update screen came up! weird...

    just finished updating to 1.01, thanks anyway!

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