this is a topic, ive covered a few times, but the Spoon feeders, and lazy people keep ignoring it.. since i punish them most times, i think maybe its about time i actually write a guide to Justify it... and so those whom dont understand get it!

Since you cant Currently Flash it back to Default, or get a "do over" you got to know what youre doing the first time and keep track....

a lot of problems are known to cause problems...
anyregion changer requires you to reconfig jumpers
xdvd is known to disable modchips though a install issue
starfall regionfree GC blocks out of region GC games with a chip =\
so on and so forth

Since rarly are these programs mentioned, or people get a used wii or a new "used" wii *people do return ones they fail on =P*

since most times the details the average user will post are simple
game issue + firmware + random story is about the average...

since we dont always know all the things you did since you didnt tell us for one reason or another... its up to you to usually figure out these issues! because we wont help you because we wouldnt think that, in addition a lot of games have odd errors that make them fail to work

Illvelo wii doesnt let you push start with the controller pluged in, since these are rarly posted, its not really something we just assume to do, we go the tech route...

now since im telling why you should search, why not tell you how to do that right...

keep the search simple! before listing your full problem in the search use key words...

like "animal crossing error 002 problem black screen HELP"
use "error 002"

always use the "forum search" at the top over every forum *the one where you can see the "go" button* that one uses google listings

to give you a idea of WHY you should over the real forum search is simple

top of the forum search
trying in IOS 38

link #2 *link 1 had it too but this one helps more*
Ios 38, 53, 55 - Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community
These are the IOS's from the latest games, they are required to get Animal crossing, Need for speed, and several other games to work, just download.

using the real forum search *the one that is the tab at the top*
The following errors occurred with your search:

1. Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : IOS, 38
now sometimes you dont get what you want from that search, so lets use the Real search here
when you see that BIG BOX
Search in Forum(s)
try to limit it to where you THINK IT SHOULD BE

in this case i am gonna search Animal Crossing to get the IOS 38
so now i need to pick the forums i think would help me most
  • Recommended faq's
  • Other faq's
  • Wii Games
  • Download section
link number
3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 15
i know for a fact 100% have the answer in post #1 in the topic!

some other Benefits in this method:
  • faster solution time
  • better standing on the forum
  • you will have the best homebrew experience out there
  • you can help others, and give back what you took
  • you can avoid flames, and hate
  • and most of all, you will have the sanctification that you are the Person!
*because i want to comply and make sure the Few female members of the forum, know i acknowledge them too ^^*