what i need help with is my wii has like no space or room to save stuff i have to move stuff to sd card to actually save a new game, i have like maybe 110 slots of memory i know i dont have more than 130

does anyone know why this is, and how to fix it, i have soft modded my wii, and i use wii flow, i dont know what other Info u guys would need

now onto the more concerning issue. i posted something a while ago stating that i cant sign into my old account, and that the bookmarked pages i had open are no longer what they were.

one says something like i appreicate what u guys are doing, and when i posted something about this trying to get help, i guess someone deleted my post, because i cant find it no where, and there was at least 1 or 2 more posts i made, that are no where to be found.... wtf is going on