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Thread: Wii To play backup games

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    Wii To play backup games

    Hi all, just brought myself a wii and i have a copy of zelda and a 2GB memory card. What steps do i need to follow to install the software required to play backup games on my wii?!


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    ....we got a guide section for a reason

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    Same question as above

    Quote Originally Posted by admiral victorinox View Post
    ....we got a guide section for a reason
    Where is the correct guide section?

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    .......i got no coment

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    Look at the top of the forum page and click Tutorials. Start there. Take your time and read anything and everything you think you would need to read. Then as you read one tutorial you may find you should read another. And then before you know it you will feel comfortable enough to tackle whatever it is you need to do to your wii..... That's how I approached it.


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