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Thread: cannot get 37

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    cannot get 37

    i have ios36v4.18 tryed to load manager and got error (ret=-1)
    tryed to install 37 cant do it either. have wiikey2 . have homebrew 1.0.1
    do i need to uninstall homebrew and start over.

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    use the dol + wad

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    when i unzip cios37-rev3installer.dol it does not have a wad file in it. can you tell me what one to use please, thank u

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    man search for it, its all over the place -.-

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    ok got it installed fine. at the top of my blue screen it still said ios36v418 is that right

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    Swordfisherman, google for "wii hack homebrew+backup channel+shop channel update" and it's the second hit. I used the packages from that torrent to get up and running.


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