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    AnyRegion Changer

    Hello guys,

    I'm from the Netherlands and I've bought 2 days ago a Amercian Wii.

    When I wanna play on my Wii, i must use a
    voltage converter "220/240V > 110/120V"

    Yesterday I used "AnyRegion changer hack" from Tona, and I transformed my American Wii (Ntsc) to Europe Wii (Pal).

    My question is: do I still need the converter if I wanna play the wii?
    Because I'm afraid if i uplugged my converter and start my wii, it will broke.

    Hope to hear something from you guys.


    PS. My apologize if I made this topic on the wrong place.
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    Yeh your still going to have to use your converter,diff voltage between USA an EUR.

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    thanks for your respond.

    So the Wii aren't got a Europe voltage now? because I turned it to a Europe system?


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