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Thread: 99% the guide to end all guides

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    99% the guide to end all guides

    this is my FINAL effort to make it easier for people to use homebrew, if this topic fails, ill probably give up on having faith people care about their problems...

    This guide, is to basicly make hacking the wii so simple a brain dead chimp, its gonna be so overly simple that i have hopes it will Kill the repeated topics... ill be using a theme on all parts of this so please keep up with it ^^

    Table of contents

    • Basic Information
    • Modchips
    • ISO loaders/Gamma
    • Homebrew
    • Games

    Basic Information

    Important Information:

    • DVD - R > + R, simply because they work better, people say Verbatim is the best but its up to you, there is NO exact proof that its good or bad, so no worries! ^^
    • There isnt really a way to "do over" so make sure you do it right the first time!
    • best firmware is 3.2

    Important Link's:

    Mod Chips

    Important Information:

    • Modchips are perfect 1:1 with a original
    • they can safely update in region and still work perfectly
    • good at fixing many bricks
    • fake signed games get blocked on 3.3+
    • there is no such thing as a Best chip, as long as you can update youre fine
    • how to installs can be found on the website in addition to updates
    • you can go online freely
    • error 001 = out of date chip firmware
    • there is a eject error, on many of these chips, some get fixed in updates others dont
    • Drive will make more sounds than before since it takes more to load

    Important Link's:

    Gamma/ISO loaders

    Important Information:

    • not as good as a modchip
    • lots of patchs
    • many minor things make it not work
    • not perfect
    • lots of errors
    • free
    • error 324, is fixed by a different media, or installing Cios 249

    Important Link's:


    Important Information:

    • lots of programs to make the most of your wii
    • can brick it
    • can fix a lot of errors
    • can make the most of it via patchs
    • requires a lot of info to keep running
    • some programs have conflicting problems
    • beta 1 = 3.3 or lower, beta 2 = 3.4+
    • SD card should be apps/program name/boot.dol

    Important Link's:


    Important Information:

    • fake sign games dont work on 3.3+ without a patch
    • some games are problematic
    • some games have required updates
    • you can play online without a issue with a backup
    • some games have odd errors like gamecube memory card = no play, make sure to try random things before posting

    Important Link's:

    this is a quick overview of topics i remember, being helpful for very common issues on almost everything, if you have anything you think should be added post or pm me, i want to make this a End of the line SUPER TOPIC!

    i am personally thanking anyone whoms info i used, since theres so many... i cant do it singularly but thank you for the help ^^
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    I think im a dead brain chimp because i still dont get it

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