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Thread: disk could not be read

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    Question disk could not be read

    first off im sorry for being a dumb ass. i have a wiikey2. i put on home brew from a iso. im at 3.2. please tell me what i have to add in what order.
    i have read the forum but made me more confused. do i need twilight hack?
    thanks for you help

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    after reading i think i need cios 37 . what do i have to put on my sd card to put the root dir on it ?

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    root dir?.......

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    how do i get cios on my sd card

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    if you read that guide enough its
    wad = root
    apps/program name/boot.dol

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    Quote Originally Posted by swordfisherman View Post
    how do i get cios on my sd card

    Are you asking how you actually put files on the card? Got a SD card reader?

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    admiral thanks for your help but for us newbies its a little hard
    i would be nice if there was a blueprint to follow.
    hardmods add---------
    than istall -----------
    than install ----------
    i see lots of differant stuff i dont know if it is hard or soft mod
    i have have a wiikey 2 and home brew thats it .i think i need cios 37 but not sure. seems like im chasing my tail sorry for not knowing more. i hate to ask u something u been asked a thousand times before

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    yes .trying to get IOS37-64-v2070.wad to boot

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    if its not Gamma, its Independant

    get homebrew, theres a ISO installer
    then boot the program like i told you from there

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