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Thread: Nintendo DS Lite!?

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    Nintendo DS Lite!?

    What are some really cool games to play on an Nintendo DS. I am a girl! What are some games i should buy that are really fun?

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    Pokemon Pearl! Its a great game and Tons of girls play it at my school! Im sure you would like it! =)

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    Hmm. Cooking Mama is a good game for you to play. It is all about making food with the DS pen. Nintendogs is good for both boys and girls. If those do not suit you, look around. You could find a male game you may like! I hope I helped!

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    Ooooh I like that surgeon game whatsitsface....can't remember but it's really good. Um...super mario 64 the ds version would be good

    I like animal crossing but only in small doses, good if you have a wifi connection though. What else what else.....I've heard the pokemon games are good although never really played them myself. oh and mario kart is a must Oooh yes cooking mama I have that for the wii it is brilliant!!!!

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    I bought my daughters Cake Mania 2, Kim Possible, Animal Crossing, Bratz, Princess Peach, Nintendogs, The Sims 2, and they spend a lot of time on them! Good Luck to ya!

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    i agree with cameron w & hp i don't own d &p or a ds yet but i'll be very very happy when i do b-cuz i'm really dying 2 play.

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    I like:

    Brain Age
    Big Brain Academy
    New Super Mario Bros.
    Wario Ware: Touched
    Tetris DS
    Thinking about getting Pogo Island and MarioKart DS.

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    Try out Pokemon Pearl/Diamond. I have both of them, and they're really fun. Hope you enjoy it!


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