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Thread: Upgraded after twilight hack installed!!

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    Unhappy Upgraded after twilight hack installed!!

    I managed to prevent my wii from loading any game by upgrading it when i re-setup my internet connection. Dumb i know.

    Simple question, will a system format allow me to start again?

    any help will be great. i'm sure a few people have made this mistake!!


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    i dont get the problem... updating with homebrew means nothing
    you dont say theres a problem with the system... wheres the error?

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    Admiral, I think he ment he accidentally re-upgraded his firmware to 3.4 and now all his hacks and .wads are either gone or useless.

    One thing I dont get, though, is why are so many people having problem with downgrading and installing the .wads? softmod on the Wii is by far the simplest way of modding a system I've ever seen. Just follow any tut you may find on this forum to the T and you be fine and ever do anything you're not sure about.

    P.S Johnny, if your current firmware is 3.4 then all you gotta do is use emperorcanada's tutorial to downgrade and reinstall everything else.
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    once you remove or undo stuff, sometimes its unfixable, and you said the reason

    its TOO EASY! xD, but thats not for me to judge =\

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