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Thread: Wii fit Opinion

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    Wii fit Opinion

    Hello Guys
    Today i bought the Wii, i did get the Wii fit DVD with the Console
    I am wondering if there is another nice Games i can use to play the Wii Fit ?

    What you think about the Wii fit ?
    i didn't tried it yet

    Any opinion would be appreciate

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    if by wiifit do you mean balance board, and if so, just sports games really

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    yes its the Wii Fit Call here
    and yes its the board
    i am looking for games for this board
    but didn't find any Rapidshare

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    shaun white snow boarding is kinda cool, worth checking out anyway

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    I know Rayman's Raving Rabbits 2 has balance board support. I haven't tried it myself but my step daughter said it is pretty cool.

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    We Ski

    Shaun White Snowboarding

    Wii Music

    Skate it

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    julian michaels has a game out for it there is a cheerleading game just google wii balance board games and it will give u a whole list of them
    my g/f uses wii fit and julian michaels if she cant be bothered going to the gym and she loves it it is good exercise

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    Wii Fit game is freakin'awsome. Love the ski slalom, snowboard slalom, soccer head, penguin slide, plus lotsa others.


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