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Thread: Bricks, **** :mad:

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    Bricks, **** :mad:

    this is a SIMPLE guide to everything you need to know about bricking, and a good ammount of ways to solve this, THIS ISNT FOR PEOPLE TO GO oh, its so people can get a idea if they have the balls for homebrew or not...

    for starters what is a "brick" simply, its messing up the software/ios's/programs/what have you, causing you to miss out on features...

    there are 2 types
    Semi, and Full
    Semi are always fixable, usually by undoing what you did, or redoing.
    Full means in no way is the system operatable and is RARLY fixable


    • IOS: sometimes if you install the wrong one, or too many that it conflects, it may cause you to no longer be able to do some features, just uninstall
    • out of region: update from a region that isnt yours, this will disable your settings, and have dupe channels, just update in your region
    • Patch: sometimes some patchs conflict and cause you to lose some features, just uninstall


    • mid install fail: sometimes, for one reason or another, you lose fail to get the full install, sometimes this causes serious errors, and at worst a full brick, requires Savemii to fix
    • Banner: installing a incorrectly made wad, you need to uninstall it to fix it, that usually requires a modchip
    • Chip: sometimes a poorly flashed chip can cause serious issues with the system

    there might be more, but those are the only ones ive heard of, their all a low rate, and if you read my tips bellow this will be almost 0.0% chance of happening...

    PLEASE NOTE, if youre afraid, and dont think you can do it, then dont and move on!


    • Get a modchip if this concept scares you, it will help you fix MOST bricks, and is much easier than dealing with a lot of this stuff.
    • only get wad's that are "official" nothing "injected" also make sure to always read, peoples comments, and if there are none look at the # of completed.. if you don't have a high on either just wait, if others are bricking, then you will know there is a problem, and can easily avoid it!
    • MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOURE DOING, AND WHAT THE PROGRAMS ARE DOING! a lot of problems can be caused by just not reading enough, and no that doesnt mean ask for support till you are a master, it means search, and put in time!
    • stay on firmware 3.2, you can patch later ones but default 3.2 can 100% do any solution that you need to fix a brick
    • Nintendo isnt gonna brick you if the firmware says might, its just to scare you *unless it does then not my problem =P*
    • install starfall, or block updates, this will cause a lot of problems if you dont know what region it is in
    • NEVER BE AFRAID to brick block, better safe than sorry
    • try to only take the advice of people whom, can be trusted... if Super moderator John Skippy with 4,092 posts tell you to change the media, and newbie member lenny with 3 posts tells you i had this issue install ___, it would be wise to take the mods word, since lennys advice could brick your wii
    • Think if the risk is worth it, im not saying asking us if its worth it, if you think Free video games is worth risking your system, then do it, but if you dont think risking it over, playing Movies on your wii, then dont! if you dont think its worth it, then dont roll the dice!
    • always try to get the BEST not the newest the BEST programs, some older in some cases are better, due to less issues, so on and so forth
    • DONT BUY a wii out of region, you could brick it or lose a lot just changing the region, in addition to other problems like with mod chips
    • dont install gamma, if you REALLY want to avoid bricks, and just buy a modchip with the many many patchs and edits and things required to get it to work, its a HUGE risk next to a chip
    • MAKE SURE, to get everything going in a good setting, installing anything from the internet on the wii SHOULD BE DONE WITH AS MUCH CAUTION, AS YOU CAN DO, if you have 2 games downloading, 3 computers going, sister playing videos from Youtube, and your mother, is surfing the net, THATS NOT WHEN TO INSTALL! make sure to make it as simple, and fail proof as you can, if it fails youll probly pay the price! in addition you see lightning outside, and you go.... lets install homebrew, expect problems you lose power you could easily destroy your system!
    • and finally READ EVERYTHING, most people dont "starfall doesnt work i push B + 2 and nothing" *it uses B + 1, and tells you that* if you dont do this, then dont expect your hacking experiences as great as they could be!

    i hope this helps some people, decide whats right for them, and show the people whom lack the stones, not to do it!
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    This can save some noobs like me thanks.

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    After pressing save settings to preloader wii turns on but there is only a black screen.Maybe i did something wrong with the setting.Is there a way to fix it or it is bricked for good?

    OK it is fixed
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    Thumbs up Thanks...

    I'll stick to modchips then...

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    that means that if i actually have the 4.2U version hacked and it tells me to update the wii when i try to get into the wii shop, i can just normally update it? it wont do any harm to my wii?

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    There's a safe updater for the Wii Shop that will let you install the latest Wii Shop and IOS61 without losing your homebrew and updating your system menu. Its available for download in the homebrew section.

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    oh thanks, i will use that one then... uhm.... but... what is the IOS61 for?... im really new to this wii hacking thing...

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    IOS61 is what runs the Shop Channel, without it the Shop Channel will not run.

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    brick wii turn on black screen only on 4.2u

    i try the tutorial How to fix "no vulnerable ios" error when installing HBC and i get an error. i turn off my wii and now when i turn on my wii is only a black screen. can anyone please help me because im stuck at this point and don't know what to do

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    Question 4.2 Black Screen

    I'm having a similar problem as t904. I loaded HB on my wii with no issues. Then priiloader. Still no issues. Then my brother was messing around with the settings in priiloader. I don't know what he changed, but now I get a black screen when I power up the console and only a black screen. Any way I can fix this?

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