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    reset button

    ive successfully installed a wii key 2, originals and backups seem to ok but when i run the config disk i cant use the reset button to scroll down the menu as it dont work?? any ideas?

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    lol its ok its works fine, i was pressing the button which is near the sd slot.Wii still apart so confused the buttons,HAHA wot a plonker.
    While i here i will say thank for such a great forum really helped me on my first wii mod,The 1st 1 was a D2E with epoxy aswell.Nitromors paint and varnish stripper was my method of removal as didnt fancy using a heat gun method. thanks again

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    glad u made it !

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    could you elaborate more on
    Nitromors paint and varnish stripper

    There are a lot of people that do not wish to use the heatgun/paint stripper method, and that could help them out if you had a guide to refer to.
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    well ill try and help with the epoxy

    the stuff i used is called "nitromors" paint and varnish romover
    i brought it from wilkinsons store(uk) also get it from B&Q D.I.Y store, see url below

    dabbing it on the epoxy with a cotton bud and leaving it for bout 5 mins then using a wooden cocktail stick or a wooden tooth pick i scraped it off.Keep repeating till you get to the solder points. Took me bout 30mins in total to do it.then i used meths spirit to clean off all the left over paint stripper
    hope this helps.worked 100% an virtally impossible to damage the board.

    Before i used it i got a old ps1 board an put a big blob of nitromors on it an left it an hour to see if it would damage the board.No damage at all so that why i'd recommend using it.Seen someone else post on this forum stating they used it that why i went for it.As i said it 100% works.


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