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Thread: where do you buy your wiikey ?

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    where do you buy your wiikey ?

    hi there,

    i apologize if this is not the appropriate place, but i figured it's close it.

    i was wondering if anyone had bought a wiikey from somewhere reputable, if so, please let me know what site it is. I see some professional installers here but it costs quite a bit paying for shipping both ways so i figured the cheapest is get a modchip since someone locally can do it for a pretty good price I think - $45 labor.

    someplace in the U.S. would be preferrable (only because shipping is probably the cheapest)

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    I bought my wiikey from the WiiKey Team

    Why not consider going the solderless wiikey 2 route ? total shipped with a triwing is about $73usd If you just need a basic wiikey though it is $20 shipped or for wiikey2 is about 45 shipped.
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    what's the wiikey team's website? i tried googling but only got
    but i don't think they sell anything.

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    I would use one of the vendors listed at the top of the forum page right under the MarioKart banner.....


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