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Thread: updated in haste/any solutions?

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    updated in haste/any solutions?

    Tried installing the healthii and semi bricked my wii. I was good with the .9.5 *(should have left It I know), but I did a ios downgrade to 2.2u because I didn't see that the list went on.. (very tired, should have left that too), so I panicked and upgraded the wii to 3.4 thinking I could downgrade it to 3.2u again and all would be good.. No such luck, backup loader works still but sysmenu and region don't match. Therefore can't get anyregion changer to work. I got hit by the fakesign bug. Thought I had it fixed with the ios 51/shop wad. nope... didn't install right. I will keep searching in am, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what direction I should be looking. I still have gamma backup loader on and backups still work, but Damn that 0.9.5 was sweet. If I get it back to that again, I will leave it alone until I know more. I thought I did good bringing it back from 2 semi bricks. got cocky..

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    Thumbs down Never mind

    I got it with the help from another forum..
    Thanks for all the help.

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    thumbs down to you too ^^

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