Recently.... well always people tell me how to do my job -,_-,

  • you must be nice
  • you must always help
  • you got to answer my questions
  • you dont get to decide what we can or cant do
  • you cant disagree with me!

etc =\

today, and the reason im posting this was, someone pushed me to my limit in a sense *ill explain*

someone had a issue they wanted to get ALL things required to softmod their wii ASAP, because he was losing internet soon
he was a member of the site, for atleast a month which shows he never really cared =\
when i answered his questions, he said he cant spend the time looking, and told me to link him
it keeps going, but this is all i care about talking about...

i know many people say i can be "disrespectful" but i dont think anyone has ever thought about MY SIDE of the story

it is true i am a staff member here, but I dont think there is a bigger disrespect twords myself or anyone, when you dont put in the time to search

Whatever the reason, the very moment you decide you put in enough effort to ask your questions, be it installed a program, to joined the forum, you automaticly take up someone, usually my time

whenever you ask a question that can be solved going in the Rfaq section, its a good idea of the ammount of effort you have applied thus far

the average user, after someone give you a Tech answer be it lacking or not, usually ending with the person asking for a link, or more info...

i take that as SERIOUS disrespect, simply because in asking for a link to Gamma, or how to downgrade, or how to cheat in a game, youre telling me... your time is more important than mine, and you cant spare the time to look into it... be it as little as clicking the forum above problems, and scrolling down... -.-

above all, the people of this site work HARD to make it a great and EASY place to learn

go back 2 months
there wasn't a exact question forum, it was "homebrew, hacks, games, mod chips, faq, burning" we would get problems in all of those... when i got staff i got a problem forum made, so people can EASILY filter out the stuff their not interested in....

shortly after, i got a special FAQ section added, so it would be easier on everyone, and i personally went to 49+ pages of topics in the faq section *it was a problem forum back then to everyone* and i filtered out every topic, if i thought it was helpful or just a problem... and to see people still not put in the time to look at these VERY simple forums is appalling!

long story short

you should be thankful someone gives you ATLEAST A CLUE to fixing it, and have no right to expect, and assume that person will just give you all the tools! think before you expect, just because you think being new is enough to get away with murder, i take it as disrespect...