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Thread: problem booting burnt game

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    problem booting burnt game

    I have a wii v3.4U. I installed the TP hack and the HomeBrew channels works fine. I loaded backup loader 0.3 and that seems to work fine. I installed wad manager 1.3 then wad manager ISO16, ran the CIOS fix and the other wad file that went with that. All that looks like it loaded ok. I installed a game wad file to see if that works and that game runs fine. But when I try to play a game that I downloaded and put on disc i keep getting a read disc error 324. I am using ImgBurn to make the dvd. The dvd is a dvd-r Verbatim write speed was 3x. the game file I checked and it was the right size 4,699,979,776 bytes. The game file was a NTSC file. When I use the boot loader to boot an original game it starts the game without a problem. I have tried to reinstall the wad files for the CIOS fix to see if I did something wrong there but nothing. I have looked on the net but can not find anything that seems to point me the right way. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong please help. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    install Cios 249

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    I tried loading Cios 249-v7 and the backup launcher shows "backup launcher 0.3 gamma, IOS249." and I am still getting read error 324.

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    maybe its the iso file that you burned to the disc could be corrupted, what i do is use brickblock on all my backups might want to try that as well.
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