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Thread: New to wii and wii hacking!

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    New to wii and wii hacking!

    Hi All,

    Got a 1 week old wii.

    My missus has updated it to 3.4e

    My question is!!!!

    Is there a hack availible that doesnt require Zelda?

    Thanks for any help i've got 8 iso's ready to burn baby burn!!!!

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    Oh, and does hacking stop me being able to download new tracks for Guitar Hero?

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    Any help please?

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    yes but not on 3.4

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    The Search does wonders..

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    For 3.4 you need Zelda to downgrade but its really simple you just need internet connection and i'm pretty sure you do because you're on here posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiizombie View Post
    The Search does wonders..
    Cheers for the sarcasim buddy, it's dully noted and ignored!

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    Quote Originally Posted by philsy1983 View Post
    Cheers for the sarcasim buddy, it's dully noted and ignored!
    That was more a factual statement and not sarcasm. Seriously all you need to know is covered in the many tutorials on this site. I would suggest renting or borrowing Zelda:TP and getting the guide/files from the EmperorOfCanada's excellent tutorial. There are other files/tutorials out there. EoC's tutorial has been proven to work as long as you follow every detail.


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