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Thread: Worried about installing D2C

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    Worried about installing D2C

    Hi guys,
    newbie to this so please bear with me.
    using the serial number search, they say my wii has the D2C chipset & recommends the D2C chip obviously. How accurate are these searches?
    Im not good with soldering so will opt for the clip.
    i have read on numerous sites that my wii can be bricked if its updated and the game is from another region like NTSC instead of Pal. i thought the chip would allow games from another regoin to be played?

    thanks guys

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    yes thats true

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    well as far as i have read, on this VAST amount of information that alot of people are having trouble pushing the clips on properly and bending the pins. I guess instead of being scared visit one of the mod sponsors and pay one of them to do it...

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    to be honest, im more concerned about bricking my wii.
    does it only brick if the game wants to update the wii software? is there a way around it?

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    only if you do it, and its EASILY fixable =P

    but just brickblock, or skip the update


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