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Thread: So I'm running 3.3, does that mean that this is all I need to play backups?

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    So I'm running 3.3, does that mean that this is all I need to play backups?

    -The newest version of Gecko OS hosted on Wii Brew
    -The newest version of the Homebrew Channel as hosted on Wiibrew
    -Gecko OS elf hosted on Wii Brew
    -Twilight Hack v0.1-beta1
    -Backup Launcher 0.3 gamma

    Thanks in advance for any help. Btw, please refrain from linking to other places to answer my question. I don't have much time with my internet left (about to be canceled), so I don't have time to research extensively. A simple "yes" or "no" will suffice, and if no, could you please tell me what exactly I'm missing? Thanks.

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    you should downgrade, and youre missing IOS's

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    What are IOSs, and what do I need them for? Could you link me to the ones I need, please? Btw, as I understand, 3.3 works with backups, right? Then I won't waste time with it, as I have none.

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    it does but its bothersome
    read the glossary

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    I still don't get what IOSs are supposed to do, and which onmes I need. And if 3.2 is that much better, is there a dedicated downgrader that I can use without a modchip?

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    man put in some time and search -.-

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    Augh, crap, I really don't have any time. Seriously, it's to the point where my internet could stop working for good at any moment, could you please just help me? It's probably only like two links, and I really don't have the time to research the exact thing that I need to download.

    Please =(.

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    finding it, is like opening a door, its NOT EVEN REALLY EFFORT BASED

    if you cant do this, then dont use homebrew

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    try HERE or THERE

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!

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    Thankyou, the 3.1-3.4 downgrader topic really helped. I don't understand why when someone asks for help, that they can't just link to one of those topics, instead of saying "search for yourself".

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