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Thread: Help with D2C Clone

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    Help with D2C Clone

    A little intro: bought a modded wii from some total ****wad, and he is now non-contactable.
    Now, despite what the dude said, the wii is not PAL, which is a problem for me in Aus. The version listed in the settings menu is 3.4U (just updated it then) but the U I am guessing means it is an NTSC-U console? Now, I cracked it open to check out what sort of chip it was and what mod he put in, the chip is a D2C, and the mod, as shown in the pics, looks to be an el cheapo version of a D2CKey. The JP2 jumpers have been bridged, making no sense to me because from my reading it would appear that to make an NTSC-U console region free you should bridge the JP1 pair, and since the JP2 pair alone is meant for region freeing PAL console's I have no idea why he did I on the right track so far?
    So here is the problem, we have a copy of SMG which he sold us (it is a backup copy). When we put it into the console and go to play it the screen simply goes black. Note that we haven't tried it since doing the system update from it likely to work now that we have done so? All the other games he gave us work so I guess they are all NTSC backups.
    Also, we have a PAL version of WiiFit, but it won't work, presumably because the chip isn't set to region free. Should I get out the soldering iron and unbridge JP2, then bridge JP1? Will this make the console region free and let it play NTSC and PAL games?
    And if SMG is unlikely to work even with the system update, is there anything we can do to make it work?
    Thanks in advance,
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    a SMG_us backup disc should work on 3.3/3.4u console. it goes black after loading the game ? probably a bad disc. NERO the suspected SMG disc with DVDcopyDVD, take a 1:1 burn at 2X~4X may 'recover' ur smg. hv fun. :P
    jumper on on d2CKey should be set to NTSC-U according to console region, not per game region.

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    Thanks I will try smg after I put the wii back together now that the update is done and see if it runs, but on the jumpers, my point is that they are currently on JP2, which according to the installation manual for DC2Key, is what you should to to activate region free on a PAL console, but the console I have is a NTSC-U console... so I want to know if changing the jumpers to JP1, which according to the manual is what it should be set to for region free on an NTSC-U console, will let me play PAL games as well (which at the moment I cannot).

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    try hbc, gecko after ur jumpe setting.

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    Ok so is hbc + geckoOS a better option than worrying about the jumpers?

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    Oh an now, putting in SMG brings up an error telling us to remove the disc and restart the wii, and refer to the manual for more info. Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pNOOB View Post
    Oh an now, putting in SMG brings up an error telling us to remove the disc and restart the wii, and refer to the manual for more info. Any ideas?
    it sounds u're closer to 'playable'..... but need a "nicely burnt" game disc. check it out.

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    Cool man thanks I'll try finding an ISO and burning at a nice slow speed on some good media, see how that turns about the region free issue?

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    unbridge jp2 and bridge jp1, that will solve your region issue for the chip hopefully. I can't comment on the clones because it could just be a problem with them in general.

    If after you do get a good iso and backup burned and you're getting constant errors then it could be that one of the wires on the chip is loose or not properly connected.
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    Ok update with a much much bigger problem...
    Opened it up and unsoldered JP2, soldered JP1...put in a disc and it says 'unable to read disc', this happened with SMG (which didn't work before but did read), MK (which worked perfectly before) and our original PAL copy of WiiFit (which didn't work before).
    So we then soldered JP2 as well, so both JP1 and JP2 were bridged, same deal, then we took off JP1 so it is back to the original config (i.e JP2 alone is bridged) but am still facing the same issue.
    I really hope I haven't f*cked the wii, or the chip (while stuffing the chip is still better than stuffing the wii).
    Few more details, tried it with our only original NTSC game (wiisports) and it works fine, so any issue must lie with the modchip. Is it likely that I stuffed the chip completely, or more likely that the solder job is problematic...?
    Any ideas/suggestions?
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