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Thread: D2Pro 9 pre-soldered onto a WiiClip for sale

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    D2Pro 9 pre-soldered onto a WiiClip for sale

    i got a d2pro chip pre-soldered onto the wiiclip for sale, my wii had the black glue and i can not use it. i am going to go with the drivekey.

    i paid 80.00 for it, will sell for 50.00 + shipping.

    i will ship only to usa, also i will ship us postal service with delivery confirmation.

    i take pay pal, no cod, or money order.

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    if u could de-solder the d2pro chip fm the flexible circuit, it could be installed onto ur epoxy-ed wii. de-soldering is easy; and no damage to the chip.
    save ur time fm going to drivekey. :P


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