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Thread: Modding my Wii Informational Help.

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    Modding my Wii Informational Help.

    First, I would like to thank everyone who made those tutorials. I've read most of the information that pertain to me as for help. I will try to limit my questions, and hope for your guys' help.

    I bought my Nintendo Wii last Friday, only reason to mod it. I've talked to Chris from Welcome to Chi-Town Modz today and asked him to mod my Nintendo Wii. He recommended the D2Pro9, or Wiikey2. I read that there's "no best modchip out there", but which do you recommend.

    I also brought up the question about 3.4U, and he said there shouldn't be a problem at all, and I told him many people have been downgrading to 3.2U. He told me, I should be fine, and HE read that people that have been downgrading have been having problems, bricking their Wii, and whatnot. I know I know, I take the risk of Wii updating my console without notifying me. (Which scares me, and lean on the downgrade to 3.2U)

    So, that brings me to my next question. What do you guys recommend,as in software. Do I really need the Homebrew Channel? All I want to do is play back up games, I don't really care much about the old games, for I have a modded xbox with all my classic games . I will be making back-ups from the United States, and none out of region games.

    I forgot where I read it on this forum, but I heard Mario Kart needs some sort of upgrade from the disc? I want to play that online. I know you have to upgrade your mod-chip (from what I read).

    In conclusion:

    1) Wiikey2 or D2Pro9?
    2) What software do you really recommend, I heard Starfall is important to block DISC updates.
    3) Can someone link me to the Mario Kart, update or whatever.
    4) What to look out for.

    I hope all my backups will work, I read the dumping/burning tutorial, and that was dead on perfect. I appreciate the time and effort you guys are putting in. (Bought my Verbatim DVD-R, will burn it slowly (2.4x), and my DVD-Drive 8163B?).

    Thanks again,


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    -.- clearly you didnt read enough

    Wiikey 2/d2pro are good but i like wasabi, very solid and by far one of the best

    3.3+ block fake signed games, and 3.2 lets you do much more, and if you dont downgrade to keep 3.4 and a modchip you have to basicly keep updating =\

    if you never download a fake signed game youre fine

    to play online requires no update, and yes that game has a special update

    wiikey/d2pro/wasabi block game updates
    its on the disc, there are several others too if you cant find them, then you didnt read enough

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    Thanks for the quick response. I'll see if Chris has the Wasabi available.

    And I don't plan on downloading any games.

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    having chip-mod, hbc, gecko installed will be much convenient.
    with Gecko, try a Jap game "Wii_LETS_TAP_jpn". u never know Gecko is so good for a party.


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