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Thread: Wii 3.4U (BIG problem)

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    Wii 3.4U (BIG problem)

    I am on 3.4U and I have Homebrew Channel 1.1 installed.... I am trying to downgrade, but every method uses a WAD that you need to install. I can not install the IOS fix WAD that needs to be installed. I get an error (2011) and it will not install any wads.

    Please help, as I am trying to hack this Wii for my Nephew's birthday and I don't want it to go wrong.

    Thanks in advance,

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    make sure, its a working wad, try a different download of it

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    It is a working WAD, something isn't letting it install though. :\

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    The Wad worked fine on my system without 3.4... I really need some help.

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    Use the Guide in my sig

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    if i could say, reformat ur SD card and re-do the WM install.

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    So it really could be the SD card Im using? Because your guide requires loading of a WAD, which I am positive will not work...


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