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Thread: Adding new chanelle

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    Adding new chanelle

    Hello guys how you doing
    First i must say its great Community,
    I am From Europe so maybe My english is not that good,
    Anyhow i did installed Homecrew in my wii,I am runing 3.3 E firmware
    I can Run backup games wihtout any problem,
    So my Questions is

    How can i Add Back up lancher to One Chanelle ?
    Is there is away of Rebooting The Wii with Hooks Like Standart, So to run backup games From the top of the page wihtout Logging in homecrew first to run the back up games

    Thank you so much

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    use wadder
    make it a wad
    install with wad manager

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    thank you so much for the answer
    i dont know what is this ?
    Can you please explain more
    i Really appreciate your help

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    i would, but once you put in the effort to look into the program its idiot proof =\

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    Thank you for the answer
    i did some research and i found this so i think i know what wad is
    Anyhow do i have to install for everygame chanelle ?
    or its would be the standart one ?where i can run everygame
    Thank you

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    1 wad = 1 thing, so if its a VC game then a VC game will appear

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    Thank you so much for the help
    S its mean i have to add for everygame a chanelle?

    is there is anyway of making one chanelle , that gonna be used for every Game ( disk ) ?

    i did read in the forum its works only in 3.2,!!!
    but i am at 3.3

    Thank you for the help
    Much appreciate

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    wth are you talking about or saying o.x you dont make any sense -.-

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    Sorry for my bad English,

    What i want to do is , Adding one Chanelle, where i can run all the backup Games,Mean Only One Chanelle to Run all My Backup Games

    Is this possible ?
    and to use the Wad Manager i must downgrand to 3.2 firmware right ?
    because i am runing now 3.3 firmware


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    you cant install a wii game to the system, i thought you wanted to install Gamma as a channel and i told you how

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